Welcome to Ittyblox!

Ittyblox lets everyone in the world enjoy great architecture at home.

We do so by making awesome miniature buildings that you can compose into cities.

All Ittyblox buildings are 1:1000 scale and are 3Dprinted in full color and distributed world wide. Our shop with all the Ittyblox buildings can be found online at the Ittyblox shop on Shapeways.com

If you want to help Ittyblox make awesome buildings, please help the Ittyblox community grow by:

  • building a city of your own! through the Ittyblox shop at Shapeways or discuss Ittyblox on this forumĀ Thread
  • getting Ittyblox featured on your own, or your favourite blog, using the Ittyblox Press site
  • follow Ittyblox on Twitter or Instagram
  • like Ittyblox on Facebook

For questions send an email to Contact [at] Ittyblox.com


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